Welcome to Foylemore Oysters

William began farming oysters in Lough Foyle in 1998.

As with all new small businesses it was a slow learning process, but with hard work and committment it soon became a worthwhile venture. It took several years to master the right techniques that would produce consitently high quality oysters.

The oyster farm is now prodcuing in excess of 100 tonnes of premium oysters every year.

Today William works along with his son's and the farm employs 4 to 5 local workers casually. Conal, William's eldest son, has developed a keen interest in oyster farming techniques and both sons have aquired enough experience and knowledge to take over their father's enterprise when the time is right.

The river Foyle produces excellent oysters; good exposure to the waves help to produce a hard smooth rounded shell.

For Conal, the production of top quality tasty oysters, with a clean regular shell with full meat content is the key for successful business growth.

The production of supreme quality oysters is a growing and profitable niche market. This has been achieved by keeping high standards of culture technics combined with years of knowledge of the Foyle's natural resources.

"our world is your oyster"



Head Office: 18 Culmore Point, L'Derry, Northern Ireland, BT48 8JW

Telephone: +44 (0) 7795 600 327

E-mail: office@foylemoreoysters.com