“Our world is your oyster”

William began farming oysters in Lough Foyle in 1998. As with all new businesses it was a slow learning process, but with hard work and commitment it soon became a worldwide venture. It took several years to master the right techniques that would result in the production of consistently high quality oysters. The oyster farm is now producing over 100 tonnes of premium oysters annually.  [Read more about Foylemore Oysters]



Foylemore Oysters is located on the North coast of Ireland at the border between Co Derry and Co Donegal, about 10miles east of the City of Derry.  We currently harvest from two locations, one at Culmore Point and the second in the full face of the wind and weather further along the coast.  [Click here to find out more about where we are]

Oyster Grades from Foylemore Oysters

Oyster Grades

The oysters we produce are very much a premium product – as recognised by the wholesale marketplace.  The product is homegrown and is available throughout the year.  All our oysters are hand graded into two main grades  [Click here to read more about our oysters]


From Seed to Harvest

It takes approximately three years to produce a fully grown oyster.  The first step is to grow the seed from 0.2grams (6mm) to 10 – 15grams.  In 18 months the seed will have reached about 30 to 40 grams and are now referred to as half grown oysters.  [Click here to read more about the oyster production cycle]



Head Office: 18 Culmore Point, L'Derry, Northern Ireland, BT48 8JW

Telephone: +44 (0) 7795 600 327

E-mail: office@foylemoreoysters.com